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isn't it time your skincare worked for you?

shouldn't the first ingredient be something... natural?

treat your skin to aloe and witness the difference

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Aloe Comes First

We all know that aging is an inevitable process; aging gracefully is not. Until now. The foundation of all our products is Aloe Vera. With its soothing, calming, moisturizing, and healing properties, Aloe is an absolute must in any effective skin-care routine. Aloe-vera is so vital to healthy skin that we have formulated ALL of our products to feature it as the primary ingredient.

Renew - Plant Based Exfoliant

After only one application of Renew, Empower's plant based enzymatic peel, my age spots started to disappear, and the lines on my hands started to smooth out!

Cathy Lattin

I use Empower because of the amazing quick results of using Empower's products on my 19 month old daughter for her eczema. It's been the only thing that works! Not even doctor prescribed medication helped, but Empower did.

Amie Chayko


About Us

Empower is a Canadian owned and operated company, located in Calgary, Alberta.

Along with the three other co-founders, Deb combines her well-earned reputation as a leader in her community, working alongside First Nation and Aboriginal people.

We got tired of seeing water as the first ingredient on all the skincare we were using, so we decided to change that. 

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